When Small Multiples was invited to create the opening titles for Web Directions South 2013, we threw ourselves into the challenge and didn't hold back. We developed an epic narrative and visualised it with aesthetics inspired by low-poly art. We explored the theme of metamorphosis and evolution, networks and privacy, and conflicts and harmony. We also wanted to demonstrate the pace at which web technologies are changing by building the entire project in WebGL and Node.js. This project started as a collaboration between practitioners in data visualisation and generative art, the result captures the spirit of the Web Directions and why we're all so passionate about The Web.




Music: Clones - Thomas Barrandon, https://soundcloud.com/thomasbarrandon

Design / Development: Hugh Kennedy, https://github.com/hughsk

Modelling / Sound: François Robichet (Small Multiples)https://github.com/calvein

Concept / Creative Direction: Jack Zhao (Small Multiples), http://small.mu



Small Multiples - Data Visualisation Specialists

We help people see trends in opinion pollsfind scientific patentsand compare cattle prices. Small Multiples builds the tools for unlocking the potential of your data.


409/55 Holt St Surry Hills, NSW Australia 2010

+61 2 9029 4212